2010 Life Sciences Salary Survey

I was interviewed for an article about young scientists and how we cope with our meager wages. During the interview she was clearly looking for the wackiest angle, and the two of us she interviewed are probably extreme examples: bicycling for transportation (me), playing with a band (Ian), working as a bouncer (Ian), getting scholarships for my daughter (me).

As usual, the journalist didn’t get the details quite right, but these were very minor errors and didn’t affect the main point (that scientists do crazy things to afford to continue doing science). If you are curious, the errors are: 1. Iain didn’t quit his job to take care of Nell; he quit his job to follow me to Chicago. 2. I didn’t seek out the scholarship so Nell could continue at private school; it was dropped in my lap. 3. The “grant” Nell got to attend Spanish camp was a scholarship.

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One Response to 2010 Life Sciences Salary Survey

  1. Iain says:

    Wait. I thought I quit my job to be your towel-boy!