I just realized I had never posted this, which I wrote last month during the Cartilage workshop in Montreal. So here it is at last!

This workshop has 35 participants from all over the world. There are several from Montreal, a handful from the United States, and I’ve met people from Denmark, Brazil, Taiwan, and Germany, at least. A lot of the people who live in Montreal come from other countries originally: Iran, USA, China. A couple girls from the US have Asian ancestry and one many from Brazil has Japanese grandparents.

The workshop is in English. Native Montrealites speak both French and English. The woman from Iran learned French recently. Some people speak so many languages! I wondered if I hold the dubious distinction of being the only monolingual participant. I asked the redneck-looking guy from Florida though, and he also speaks only English. Whew, that was a close call.

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